3 Incredible hybrid puppies! These beautiful Crested Pekes are a 50/50 cross between a powder puff Chinese Crested (has fluffy coat not hairless) and a Pekingnese, both being hypoallergenic non-low shedding breeds.

2 Males, 1 Female, ready to go! Litter box trained with pine pellets AND paper trained with pee pads. :)

Photos are in this order: The female, the darker male, the lighter male, the dad (9lb), the mom (7lb), the older brother from the same parents (photo courtesy of happy owners).

Our puppies come vaccinated with their first shots, up-to-date with their deworming, flea protected with Advantage, and we will include a starter puppy package as well as a free vet visit.

$570 for the Males
$620 for the Female

We also offer second vaccines for just $30, to help new owners save on initial vet costs ($50-$70 if done at the clinic).

These precious babies truly have the best of both worlds, not to mention the health benefits of being hybrids. The Pekingnese is known for his affectionate yet independent nature. He is both loyal and calmer in temperment than most small-breeds. The Chinese Crested is alert, charming and great with children. They are not barkers and are highly intelligent.

If interested, please leave your contact # as well as a little about yourself and the home our puppy would be going to, thanks for looking! ** JUST THE TWO BOYS LEFT **

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